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acai berry dietAcai Berry Diet Review – as seen on television with Oprah, Dr. Oz And Perricone

She has been fighting for a fair and accurate review on Acai berry diet? In that case, you have found. This diet was on the Oprah show on TV. Dr.Oz displayed and discussed the new book by Dr. Perricone in which he revealed his choice of the Acai berry as the # 1 super food. There are many benefits to this super fruit, but also there are some false rumors about it. My plan is to dispel all this and  take you directly to the facts about diet fruit juice acai.

What are the benefits of consuming Acai juice regularly?

There are many! First of all content of omega 3 and 6 is high relative to its size, so it benefits the cardiovascular system, digestive system and skin. The most notable of acai contains very high levels of anti-oxidants that help prevent disease and are very good anti-aging compounds. Here are plant steroids that help control the immune system. So it can also benefit those suffering from auto-immune dysfunction and inflammatory diseases like arthritis and allergies.

Sound great so far what’s the catch?

Well, all the is reduced to what is safe drinking? Want to help give your overall health a boost? Then her an excellent choice. But those who believe it is an excellent weight loss option, unfortunately, have been misinformed. This is due to the appearance of Dr.Oz on the Oprah show to discuss a clean acai berry. It was however a milkshake of fiber you would drink with acai juice. It was this movement that encourages IN FACT fiber weight loss.


Acai absolutely can help boost your overall health and is a great choice for someone who wants it for that reason. However, it   does not provide the highest weight loss as many are trying to make believe. That does not mean that I could not help with weight loss through its variety of health promoting effects. But to be honest by something that will cost $ 3 – $ 5 per day to add a slight if noticeable at all momentum to the burning of fat that are much better options available.

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